Monday, September 13, 2010

Gossip Girl Returns!

Set your DVR's and get ready for a new season of GG! This is one of my favorite shows on TV and I've been dying for this season to start! Don't miss it tonight on the CW at 9/8 Central time. Check out their website here for a season preview or to watch past episodes.

There's been tons of leaked photos and the fashion this season is incredible. I would love to wear just about everything on the show. I love each character's wardrobe in different way, I love Jenny's rocker glam looks (although some are a little much for me), Vanessa's boho hippie style, Blair's preppy and classic style, and Serena's edgy and sexy looks.

Here's some recent pictures of the fashion for this upcoming season:

I'm seriously in love with Serena's wardrobe so far. I'm dying to get my hands on a gold glitter cardigan/jacket for the fall. Blair's wardrobe is a little bit more grown up too since her high school uniform days. I do miss those headbands though!

Here's some SPOILERS so LOOK AWAY if you're not interested!! All spoilers were found from Gossip Girl TV Fanatic:

-Blair and Serena go on a double-date with a member of Monaco's royal family and his chauffeur. Blair is surprised to learn which is which.
-An important decision Serena made about her future - but failed to mention to Blair - is what ends up getting her shoved into a fountain. I
-n NYC, Dan is in full Mr. Mom mode, LIVING WITH GEORGINA! But is the baby really his? A suspicious paternity test suggests one thing, while a blood test and Rufus' intuition say another. Georgina is as funny and shady as usual.
-Gossip Girl fans, especially those who watched Melrose Place, are going to love Katie Cassidy as Juliet Sharp. She's sarcastic, flirty, plotting an elaborate scheme, of course, gorgeous. In other words, a perfect Gossip Girl fit. Juliet, who Nate first meets while on a date with another girl, and later runs into again when she's working with Eleanor planning Fashion's Night Out, works to help him get Serena back. She clearly has ulterior motives, though ...
-Eva (Clemence Poesy) rescued Chuck after he was shot in Prague and nursed him back to health. He's now taken on an entirely new persona. But is he suffering from amnesia or just trying to forget the man he was - and is ashamed of?
-After a chance run-in in Paris, and with Lily and Serena frantically worrying about Chuck's fate, Blair tries to convince him not to run from who he is ...
-Blair will have a new rival this season ... and it may be someone she's familiar with.
-Project Runway fixture Tim Gunn is coming to Gossip Girl this fall.
-Michelle Trachtenberg will not be a series regular, though we'll be seeing her in the beginning of the season, and likely on a recurring basis thereafter.
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