Monday, September 27, 2010

Sacramento to see the BFF

Earlier this month I headed up north to visit my high school BFF S. You may remember my trip last year from this post. We had such a great time and it was so fun visiting with her! Northern California is so gorgeous, I can see why she moved up north.

We went to the local brewfest again and had such a blast! We remembered to make preztel necklaces to have something to snack on while tasting all the different brews. It was such a huge hit and everyone asked where we bought them. We're thinking about looking into getting a permit and selling them at next year's event. 
Yes, we realize we match. While getting ready for the day we talked about how we used to purposelly match in high school or on NYE in college and laughed at all the memories. We often match without pre-planning it too. So we get ready, spent the whole day together, and didn't realize we matched AGAIN until the end of the day when we were looking through the pictures!! What can I say, great minds think alike.

At the festival they had tons of booths, way more than last year. There were a lot more people too. I guess everyone reads my blog and saw how awesome it was LOL. I saw this tent at the entrance and knew I'd be there for lunch for some delicious goodness- BBQ'd Oysters! They were amazing! I'm going to have to make them myself (i.e. have my mom make them), The vendor told me they just bbq them right on the bbq (which I witnessed myself) and cover them in garlic and butter and let the customer put on any condiments they wish. They had Valentina, Tapatio, limes, garlic salt, teriyaki sauce, and bbq sauce available. I chose Valentina and limes. Mmmm so good! I'm going to be on the hunt for these babies again!

The next day we headed up to Monterey Bay to check out their fisherman's wharf and the aquarium.

The Monterey Bay Aquarium was awesome, but we both agreed that the Long Beach Aquarium is better.
You can't really tell in this picture, but the fish on the bottom are swimming one way and the fish toward the top swam opposite. It was really neat to watch.

My favorite exhibit were all of the jellyfish. They're so unique and neat to look at. I could spend a lot of time just checking them all out.
This last jellyfish picured reminded me of popcorn.

The seahorses were also super cool!The seahorse on the top left is teeny tiny, like smaller than your pinky. Did you know that female seahorses get pregnant, but the male seahorses carry them? Neat huh? The last seahorse is one of the pregnant ones, but he was swimming so fast I couldn't get a good pic of him.

This has to be the ugliest fish ever!

Here's a pic of the Sea Cucumber they had in the petting area. The petting area is not that least not to adults anyways. It just had a bunch of different Starfish so unless you love starfish, it's all right. The coolest thing was the Sea Cucumber. It was so weird!! It was really soft and you could barely tell that you were touching it. I want to pick it up (if I could muster the guts), but the attendant wouldn't allow it.

It was another successful trip and I can't wait to head back next year.S is also one of my bridesmaids and I'm so happy to share the big day and the events leading up to it with her.

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