Wednesday, September 8, 2010


Even after two OOTD post, I still feel lame taking the pics and it vaguely reminds me of college when if you looked good you would take a "default pic" picture while also stating loudly "default pic". LOL. After looking back on the past OOTD posts, I STILL definitely need to find some better poses, I need some tips from Amber from Amber's Notebook and Frances from It's Sew My Style!

Here are pictures of some looks I've been copying or were inspired by different trends. Please feel free to let me know if you liked what I wore or if I should have styled it differently or change something the next time around.

Sometimes an outfit feels or looks great in your mirror then you take a picture and wonder "WTH was I thinking? Didn't I realize that this outfit would have been 10X better with different shoes or more accessories or that I should never ever wear it again styled this way?" When I do come across this scenario, I empathize with celebrities who have been put on my Worst Dressed list for an event. I guess it happens to everyone right?

So here we go:

Outfit 1: H&M plaid top, Forever 21 Zip Jeans, Target black Sandals
Outfit 2: Nordstrom lace top, American Eagle skinny jeans, brown rufffle sandals, Nordstrom pearl necklace (this outfit looked way better in person, this picture was taken at the end of my 10 hour day)
Outfit 3: Target screen tee, white tank, Forever 21 zip jeans, Guess wedge sandals
Outfit 4: H&M Sheer tank, Leopard bra from Marshalls, JBrand Skinny jeans, Go Jane Motorcycle boots (this is what I wore for the Lady Gaga concert)

Outfit 1: Lady Gaga concert tee, Forever 21 layered necklaces, American Eagle denim shorts, Go Jane Motorcycle boots
**I didn't actually wear the boots with this outfit, I tried them on to see what they would look like since I love how Ashley Tisdale wears hers with everything. I think the boots are too tall to wear with shorts and when paired together kind of give off a "hookerish" vibe. LOL. Maybe the look would have worked had the boots been shorter or if my style was more edgy. This is was I was talking about earlier, when something seems like a good idea to wear and then you put it on.**

Outfit 1: Forever 21 One-shoulder dress, Forever 21 necklace, Brown gladiator heels (don't remember where they're from)
Outfit 2: Forever 21 ruffle tank, Target pencil skirt, Nordstrom nude heels
Outfit 3: Forever 21 dress, Target snake skin belt and sandals

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