Thursday, September 30, 2010

Cozy Up Event at Marshalls- Off Price Retailing

Last Tuesday, I attended an event with other Los Angeles Fashion Bloggers for the a Behind the Seams at Marshalls. It was so much fun and I met some other bloggers which was very neat! Hi Cari, Julie, Cathi and Carly!

While there I learned a lot about Marshall's and off price retailing. Off price retailers like TJ Maxx and Marshalls can buy throughout the year, unlike department stores that buy only a few times a year for a particular season. Marshall's buyers are on the road 40 weeks a year for products year round and provide a 20-60% discount. With this process, 95% of their stock is the same that can be found currently in department stores.  Marshalls deals with 12,000 vendors in 60-70 countries to bring merchandise that are quality items that are on-trend and in season. Marshalls deals with 12,000 vendors in 60-70 countries! Insane.

The outfit on the left was found at Marshalls while the exact same outfit on the right was found at different department stores. Example; the jeans are JBrand that was purchased in a department store for $158, but you can buy the exact same ones at Marshall's for $79.99!! What a steal!

The reason off price retailers can provide such a discounted price to consumers is because when a department store buys from a brand, that brand has to buyback what doesn't sell. When Marshall's buys from a brand, it's a sure sale and the brand will not have to buy it back. So Marshalls and the brand negotiate a price for the merchandise. Every Marshalls gets 10,000 items shipped to them each week! Isn't that incredible? Check out their back room:


Marshalls had some really great brands available too! While I was shopping around I found Michaels Kors, JBrand, Diesel, Calvin Klein, Juicy Couture for a great price. Marshalls has a killer shoe section too. Here's some cute boots they had on display:
These babies are Michael Kors, but they didn't have my size. Or I'd be wearing them right now.

Here is Allison Deyette, a style expert you may have seen on The View, The Today Show, Oprah and What Not to Wear. She was a lot of fun and had a ton of information. She often shops at Marshalls and had lots of great stores of treasures she'd found here. Check out her website here.

I asked her a few questions about this fall season and I wanted to share her answers with you:

-What trend are you looking forward to the most?
           Platform pumps, dresses, and a fitted jacket- but not a blazer, like a trench.

-What trend is easiest to wear?
           She didn't have an answer, but said the over the knee boots are the hardest and not for everyone.

- What one piece should women buy this season?
           A good versatile piece, a v-neck cashmere sweater. Not in black though, but a rich tone.

-What trends should we keep from last year?
           Lace, ruffles, versions of cargos, peep toe patent shoes, and white jeans.

It was a wonderful event and I really enjoyed myself! All of the guests received a little gift of a striped cashmere infinity scarf- I can't wait to wear it! Each attendant receive a $100 gift card to purchase items to mix into their wardrobe, so be on the lookout for some great OOTDs!
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