Thursday, September 23, 2010

Wedding Post: Centerpieces

If you ladies remember, the Fiance and I are having a backyard wedding at my wonderful Aunt and Uncle's home. If you don't remember, here's a quick rundown of our wedding facts for you to job your memory. We want a simple, casual, classy wedding and to help set the mood we want our decorations to convey that to our guests. Luckily for us, my family's backyard is gorgeous and we won't be needing too much.

As for centerpieces, I've been debating between floral and nonfloral pieces. I've also thought about having half of the tables be floral and the other half nonfloral. Or just a mix of two centerpieces, low and medium.

Here's my reasons for floral:
1. Hello, it's a wedding and everyone expects flowers.
2. Flowers are pretty.
3. Flowers add color to your venue
4. Flowers can "step it up"
5. Someone else puts the arrangements together and sets them up for you- less that I and my family/friends have to do. Yippee!

Here's my reasons for nonfloral:
1. Can be a much less cost than flowers (depending on what you do)
2. Can also add color
3. Is different and sets us apart from other weddings
4. Allows us to be creative
5. I can make them myself (with the help of my lovely friends and family) and they can be done before the wedding and I don't have to worry about them arriving on time.

Regardless of the floral or nonfloral choice, here's what I want my centerpieces to be:
1. Low to medium heighth so that everyone can see the person across from them and I don't spend $50+ on a centerpiece people put on the floor so they can enjoy their table conversation.
2. I want them to be simple and elegant.
3. I'd like for them to have a nature feel to them with a touch of glam.

Here's the centerpieces I've saved to my favorites that I keep going back to. I've been collecting these pictures for a while now and have no clue as to where I found them, so if they are from your wedding- thanks for the inspiration! You have a great taste! If it's from your photo collection and I've infringed on the rights, please email me at so I can take the photo down. Another note for the centerpieces is that my family's backyard is very green and I think we may be using colored tablecloths instead of traditional white. So for the centerpieces, we do not need too much color, but wouldn't look bad if they're bright or whatnot.

Nature feeling centerpieces- What I love about these is the neutral pallete with a pop of color. I think that the branches will look really pretty in the back yard and the use of ribbon or flowers will definitely add to the "wedding" feel of the occasion.

Using Fruit for color and decor- since our main color of the wedding is yellow, lemons can definitely be mixed into our decor.

Traditional floral arrangements- like I said, flowers are pretty.

So ladies, what's your take? What arrangement do you like best? Any new ideas? What did you have at your wedding?
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