Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Product Review: Nicole by OPI


At the TJ Maxx & Save the Children lounge I got a swag bag of the Gossip Girl collection and was so pumped! This was one of the items I was so excited about trying this fall.  I heard about these little gems and couldn't wait to get my hands on them so I felt very lucky to have received them at the event. From left to right they are Too Rich for You; Scandals, Secrets and Sparkle; Party in the Penthouse and Nicole…Spotted! At the event I had a manicure (I sat next to Katie Cleary). I love that the two solid colors Too Rich for You and Party in the Penthouse are dark, but not black. The perfect shade for fall and winter!

Here is Too Rich for You by itself (two coats), and below it has the two glitter colors layered on top. My ring finger has one coat of Scandals, Secrets and Sparkleand my middle finger has Nicole...Spotted!.

Here is Party in the Penthouse also with one coat of Scandals, Secrets and Sparkle on my ring finger and Nicole...Spotted! on my middle finger.

Too Rich for You is definitely my favorite shade and I would recommend the color to everyone! It's perfect for fall/winter and I can't wait to bust it out. It's very dark blue and green glitter and I think it will be my go to shade all season. Scandals, Secrets and Sparkle is nice but too light of a blue for me, maybe another coat would have been better? I think it would be better fit for someone with a darker skintone.
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