Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Celeb Inspiration: Blake Lively

I've been wanting to use Blake as my featured stylish chica for Celeb Inspiration for a while now, but with dubbing her in my Top 10 Best Dressed list for 2010 I thought it was only appropriate to feature her this week. I love Blake's daring sense of style both on the show and in real life. Serena may not be my favorite character on Gossip Girl, but her wardrobe definitely is! Blake doesn't work with a stylist and judging by her fashion choices- she has no need too!

Sexy Red Carpet: Blake has an amazing body and knows who to show it off. Long legs? Check. Gorgeous bust? Check. Somehow showing them both off without looking like a skankpiece? Double check. Vibrant hues and fun details are her go to choices. Her red carpet looks are never the same and never boring.

Fresh and Fabulous: This girl know how to work it. She always chooses cuts that accentuate her long and lean figure. Do you notice anything in these pictures? The hemline are almost always the same! Her dress choices always hit just a few inches above her knee focusing your attention on her gorgeous gams. She also goes with shoes that show a bit of skin and scoop lower onto her foot also accentuating her legs length.

California Cool: Blake chooses easy pieces to wear and dresses them up with great heels and a few accessories. No need for barrel curls or tons of makeup for this pretty little lady. Her au natural style keeps her look young and fresh.

Fierce Fashion: Miss Lively is daring in her fashion choices, choosing bold cuts or new shapes to take boring outfit to va-va-voom!

What do you think of Blake's style? What's your favorite look? My favorite would have to be her red carpet dresses- I always look forward to seeing what she chooses.
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