Thursday, September 2, 2010

High-Low Hems Coming Back?

My favorite dress I wore to a dance in highschool was for my senior Homecoming, it was a halter neckline and a high-low hem (I wore a few other dresses with the same hemline as well) that was a mixed blue and black print with glitter tiger stripes (our mascot was a tiger so I thought it was fitting). That sounds SO ugly now, but in 2001 it was super hip. High-low hems were in style another year, but I haven't seen them since.

Then low and behold, in one week two Hollywood hotties busted them out for the red carpet:

January Jones was one of my Best Dressed at the Emmys, in fact her dress was in my top 5. Last night, Jessica Alba wore a high-low hem to the Venice Film Festival premiere of Machete

I have a feeling that the high-low hems are going to be popping up everywhere! I think it's definitely a way to mix it up and you get the benefits of both a mini dress and a long one. This hemline may even be considered more versatile because it can work for both cocktail and formal attire. I'm not sure how I feel about them though since I've worn the trend before.

Do you ever feel that once you've worn a style, it's a little weird to where it again a few years later?

It's kind of like a mullet, except it's party in the front and business in the back.

What's your thoughts?? Will you bust out your old party dresses? Are you going to hunt for a high-low hemline for the fall?
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