Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Celeb Inspiration: Reese Witherspoon

Reese is in my opinion one of America's sweethearts. I've been a fan of hers since her first film, The Man in the Moon and have followed her career. She seems to have it all together, hot boyfriends (and now fiance!), beautiful children, a thriving career and really shiny hair. Every movie and article about her just makes me fall more and more in love with her. She's so down to Earth and sweet. I just adore her.

Low-Key Casual: Even on her days off, Reese looks nothing less than put together. I broke this look up into two pieces, casual in jeans and then in dresses. She sticks to the basics: great jeans, comfy shoes, and mostly solids. Then to make it chic, she uses great handbags, sunglasses or an accesory to pull it together.

Dare to Bare: Strapless and mini make the best combination! Reese shows off her trim body, a sweetheart neckline that accentuates her bust, strapless to showcase her arms, and cropped just above her knees elongate her legs and show off how toned she is.

Quite Fashionable: Lace, sequins, and distinct shoulders Reese is in the fashion know. Even when wearing the seasons trends, she always keeps to her personal style- great cut, demure, and neat.

Sheaths: What flatters every body shape and always looks chic and timeless? Reese shows us that sheaths are versatile and always a classy move.

What's your favorite look? Are you a big Reese fan?
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