Thursday, January 13, 2011

Another Cute Wedding Idea!

One of my besties and my Grand Big Sis in the sorority recently got engaged (congrats again!!) and she asked her bridemaids to be a part of the big day in such a cute and personal way!!


She printed a picture of herself with each girl with the tagline "Another question to be popped! Will you be my bridesmaid?" as a personal label on their favorite type of wine. She used packing labels from and office supply store.

Isn't this such a cute and fun way to ask your bridal party? Plus, it's something you can share together and is keepsake you can have forever!!

Here's a picture of her and her fiance on the night he popped the question, isn't it just the sweetest?


How have you been asked to be a bridesmaid? How did you ask your party?
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