Thursday, February 3, 2011

Cute Wedding Chairs

When I'm searching, browsing, trolling, or perusing wedding websites I've seen a lot of chair decoration to distinguish the Bride and Groom's places from the rest of the seating. Granted, all of the chairs could have this same decor, but these are the only pictures featured in the posts so that's what I'm going off of.

I like the idea of  this in place of chair covers or bows for each seat, it's just a fun way to personalize the event. There's really no need for it, but just a little extra special item on your big day and I wanted to share with you some fun ideas. 

Here's some of the bows I mentioned earlier done again in a different way, tied vertically instead of horizontally and then in a fun pattern to mix it up:

Some of these ideas would be so simple to make! This would also be a cute idea to copy for another smaller event like birthday party or a special dinner at your home.

Do you like these ideas? Which is your favorite?

We're still debating on having ties to the back of the chairs, I love the idea and think it's so cute for our guests table but since our event is in a backyard I'm worried that they extra fabric might make the area appear too closed in or busy. Our wedding will have 15 round tables in the yard and then above the crowd next to the pool we are having a bridal party table so the backs of our chairs won't even be seen by our guests so I won't be doing this for the bridal party table.
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