Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Celebrity Inspiration: Julianne Hough

Julianne is one of my fave girls in HWood! I'm especially jealous of her hair! It's such a perfect shade of blond, it's curled to perfection and looks so thick and healthy. I'm also quite jealous of her amazing body! Dancing for hours and hours a day does that to you I guess! Her style is so young and feminine I just adore it. Let's take a look at how she shoes off her toned physique.

Casual: Even in her off days, Julianne looks pretty glammed up. She keeps her accessories minimal, shoes that elongate her legs and great hair.

Red Carpet: Hough brings the glammer with va-va-voom make-up (I've saved a close-up of the second pic for wedding make-up even), big lashes, rosy cheeks and a soft pink gloss. She also chooses dresses that stand out and get her noticed. Not to mention show off what an amazing body she has.

Young and Fresh: Long isn't the only way to go for a classy event. Julianne always sports the cutest and flirtiest short dresses. The colors always compliment her tan skin and the short lengths accentuate her dancing legs (the nude shoes don't hurt either).

What do you think of her style? What's your favorite look?

I always love her make-up and her casual style is my favorite. Did I mention her amazing body enough? Her body is just incredible and what I would love to look like, good weight for my height and body type, toned, but not buff with some soft curves.

Here's the picture I saved of her make-up for the wedding (my eyebrows won't be so heavy with make-up), what do you think?

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