Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy Valentines Day! & OOTD

This weekend the Fiance and I picked up our marriage license. While we were at City Hall, it was full of people getting married and I was so excited for them! Of the brides there, they were all wearing cute short white dresses and had tons of family with them to witness their big day. It was really sweet and I tried to peek into the room where they exchange vows, but didn't get a good look. The Fiance and I had made up all these stories about each couple and what they were going to do afterwards to celebrate, like driving off to Vegas for the weekend and whether some of them were eloping. It was quite entertaining.

Fire Lace Overlay Dress from Nordstrom
Nordstrom Belt
Steve Madden Intyce Boots
Mossimo Pink Tights

Here's my OOTD for today that I wore into the office. I'm wearing the same tights I wore from my flamingo costume (see it here). I forgot how pink they are!

Happy Valentines Day to everyone!
Everyone has love to celebrate- lovers, friends, and family and I hope each of you has a wonderful day today. Thank you for all your comments and support! You guys really brighten my day and I know I can count on you for advice, laughs, and positive affirmation when needed!
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