Monday, December 13, 2010


Cowl neck tunic- F21 (from this post last year)
Two pairs of Target leggings (for warmth and so they're not so sheer)
SM Intyce boots (from this post)

I wore this last week to the office. I was in the mood for something comfy and cozy, and I love neutral colors togethers. It's been in the 80s over the weekend, and I just couldn't get over how absurd it was that I was Christmas shopping in mid-December and using my car's AC at the same time.  It's supposed to cool off mid-week, but that's one of the things I miss most about Utah is that it actually feels like winters and Christmas because it's freezing outside and there's usually snow. In CA you would never guess it was mid-December here.

Have you finished your Christmas shopping? The only thing I have left are two gift cards. Whoopee! I was determined on Saturday to get them all done. I had tons of coupons and promotions for various stores and was able to keep my wallet pretty happy.

After the shopping, I met with our Wedding person (she's kind of a one-stop shop, so much more than a planner) and picked out the right shades of pink and yellow, and various things for our centerpieces and decor. I'm nearly finished with the wedding stuff. All that's left is our invitations to do which I'll start in January. I feel like there's stuff I should be working on, but there's really seriously nothing. So now I'm just browsing the web looking for extra stuff to keep me busy like making something for our rings (see this post here for my inspiration). I have a few DIY items for a personal touch at the wedding, but they can't be done until it's closer to the BIG DAY.

How was your weekends? Anything exciting?
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