Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Celeb Inspiration: Ashley Greene

Ashley Greene is so gorgeous! I couldn't decide whether to feature her as a Celeb Inspiration or a Beauty Inspiration since she is definitely qualified for both. Her hair and skin are gorgeous and her style is so feminine and chic. Also, she has amazing legs, I think she'll be my new gym muse. The Twilight series made her well known, but I can't wait to see more of her!

Casual: Ashley's casual style is comfortable and laid back. She adds just a touch of glamour with touchable hair, sunglasses and trendy shoes. She's never over done or over accessorized.

Pretty & Ladylike: Miss Greene emanates femininity with soft fabrics, lace, and bows. Not to mention her gorgeous locks are always styled to perfection.

Fresh and Daring: Ashley's not afraid to step out of the red carpet box with bold designs and colors. Not only does she do soft and pretty, but her style is versatile enough to pull off more edgy and modern looks.

I honestly don't know which is my favorite. I'm in love. I love her soft and romantic looks, but the daring ones just thrill me. I love the red pant suit and leopard dress so much! What I like best about her (beside her glowing skin, beautiful hair and legs) is that she's not a robot in terms of fashion or beauty. She's constantly switching up her hair and chooses different looks for appearances.

What's your take on Miss Greene? Do you like her style? What do you like/dislike most?

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