Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Product Review: Benefit High Beam

I've heard a lot about this highlighter from friends, magazines, and other blogs like Coley's Closet Cravings (see her review here) and Jenny's Beauty Blog (see her review here). A few months ago, I picked up Benefit High Beam To Go from Sephora and thought it was my perfect opportunity to test it out. The original Benefit High Beam is .45 oz for $24 and the To Go size is .13 oz for $10 so I saw this as my opportunity to try it without committing to the full size or price. The To Go version has an easy-to-use applicator with a sponge tip and the regular bottle is a brush tip (very similar to nail polish applicator). According to it's description, it's "supermodel in a bottle"- total selling point right??

So there's a couple way to use this product. You can put it under your make-up for more of an inner glow vibe, over your make-up for a dewy look, and as a highlighter on your browbone.

Here I have it on in a C-shape from my outer eye corner swooping to the tops of my cheeks, under my bronzer and blush. Not much of a glow though huh? You can really see the highlighter on the inner top portion of my cheeks close to my nose, but I definitely don't look like a supermodel.

Here I have it on top of my make-up as the finishing touch to my overall look. You definitely see more of the highlighter on my cheeks. It's really pretty and is more prominent in real life than the pictures do it justice.

Overall, I don't really care for this product. Let me tell you why, the pink hue looks really white with pink hint and I prefer more of a golden highlighter on my face. After Googling some reviews I found that Benefit has a gold highlighter call Moon Beam on Makeup and Beauty Blog (plus an even more awesome review than mine. I mean you got to give credit where it's due right?).

This is my first rodeo with a liquid highlighter, but I much more prefer a powder highlighter instead. My favorite highlighters still remain MAC Irridescent Powder (see my review here) and Victoria Secret Beauty Rush Eyeshadow in Gold Rush (see my review here). I know the VS one is an eyeshadow, but it really makes the best highlighter! I use it nearly every single day.

Do you use a highlighter? Have you tried High Beam before? What was your experience?
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