Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Beauty Inspiration: Katy Perry

I told you ladies I was obsessed with Katy P right? Well, gathering pictures for her Celeb Inspiration post, I came across so many beauty related ones I had to share them!! Sidenote, please ignore the face that the size of the pictures are all crazy from eachother and do not match. I did the best I could with what I had gathered.

KP is constantly changing up her beauty look (as well as fashion) for nearly every event. I LOVE it! I'm especially fond of her eye make-up since, that's where I personally focus on in my own routine. She also changes her lip color and makes small changes to her hair (bangs, length, types of curl). She's also not afraid to entirely change her make-up from soft and pretty to va-va-voom with flirty lashes and bold hues.

Check out some of her great nail art too! I'm def going to try and copy these soon.

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