Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Beauty Inspiration: Kristen Stewart

For this Wednesday, instead of a Celeb Inspiration focused on fashion, I thought it would be fun to do a post focused on beauty. How do you like them apples? If you don't care for this post, let me know! I don't want to do posts you lovelies aren't interested in. Please feel free to give any comment, criticism, suggestion etc in a comment below or in an email for future ideas/posts.

To start it off, I chose someone that most of you will probably be on the fence about: Kristen Stewart.

I chose Kristen because she's not the typical stereotype for Hollywood. Since she's new to the red carpet scene, she's grown a lot in terms of beauty and fashion... if we could only get her to pose a little bit better.What I admire most about her beauty looks is her edgy, bit vampy style and that she's not a beauty robot. Not all of these looks are something I would try and copy myself, but she really rocks them well. Especially for being more of a tom boy, her make-up choices have been a perfect reflection of her personality and style.

Take a look at her make-up at the screening of her new movie Welcome to the Rileys, I'm just swooning at the old Hollywood glamour of it. This is my favorite look so far and what prompted me to do this post to begin with. She's really working both her eyes and lips together isn't she? Perfection.

Doesn't she look stunning???

Here's some other beauty looks of hers I also adored:

Kristen switches from playing up her eyes and wearing a bold lip, never forgetting to have a soft blush for her cheeks.

What do you think of Kristen's beauty choices? What would you like to see her do next?
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