Thursday, October 14, 2010

Halloween Costumes of the Past

First and foremost, DO NOT JUDGE ME for these costumes. Most of them were in booze-induced college nights and believe it or not, everyone else dressed up pretty similar. It's definitely like the quote from Mean Girls when Lindsay Lohan's character says "Halloween is the one night a year when girls can dress like a total slut and no other girls can say anything about it."

I've been hungting down all of the pictures from college, but I've missing three pictures; my freshman and sophomore year (before digital cameras were the standard) which included a naughty school girl and a devil. Then the third picture I'm missing is from my junior year in college when I dressed up as Jekyll/Hyde. I'm not sure if it's a good thing or not that I'm missing these pictures. On one hand, I'm sad I don't have the memorabilia, but I'm really glad that it's not on the internet anywhere either.

My version of a Ninja Turtle- I actually wish I had pictures of my hair and make-up, because they were awesome! For my eye bandana I had blue eyeshadow with glitter across my face and glitter in my mohawk. Why did I wear my hair in a mohawk?? NO CLUE. My shell was pretty awesome too, and anyone who needs a turtle shell for a costume should definitely copy my mad craft skills. I made my shell out of an aluminum turkey pan, painted it green, then did gold glitter for the "shell" design then strapped it on. We got a lot of compliments that night and anyone who can speak skanktastic knew I was a Ninja Turtle.

My version of Shaq...or at least a Heat cheerleader? Although this outfit is pretty sexy, it really didn't show that much, at least not cheeks or cleavage anyway. For this costume I bought a children's jersey and cut off the bottom and tied it in the back over a sequin bra.

80's Workout diva and the Fiance was Richard Simmons! It was fab, comfortable (except that I wore a leotard so it made it difficult to pee)and tons of fun. Also, it's such an easy costume you can put it together in a snap. The only thing that made it hard was finding shiny nylons that didn't have the extra support where the thigh area was a different pattern. Oh and yes, those are leg warmers not socks.

Zombie Docter- the blood on my hands was awesome and washed right off without staining. I wish I kept the package so I could remember what I used! Several people at the party stated that they had never seen me wear so much clothes ever let alone for a Halloween costume. Looks like someone is growing up! The Fiance was the milk guy from the Got Milk? ads, so freaking hilarious! Yes, is he wearing one of my old extensions as a mustache....I love this guy!

This year I already know what I'm going to be this year, but I'm not telling. I did order part A of the items needed, but it's on back order so I'm trying to find what I need elsewhere. Wish me luck! I can't wait to show you guys!

Here's a clue:

What are you guys being for Halloween? What have you been in the past?
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