Thursday, October 28, 2010

Wedding Post: Let them eat cake!

I love all desserts; cookies, brownies, chocolate covered anything...and I especially love cake! Traditionally a cake is served at a wedding, but recently it's becoming the trend that the cake is only for show and the newlyweds are serving another type of dessert. I've seen tons of cupcake towers, but I think they're wearing out their welcome for alternative dessert tables such as candy buffets. All-white cakes have been everywhere, I see them all over the wedding sites and at every wedding I've attended this year. Another new trend I see is a cookie or brownie bar. Yummy!

The Fiance and I have gone back and forth about what type of dessert to serve. We know that you can serve both a cake AND something else, but it's just not in our budget...unless Krispy Kreme Donuts makes a donation anyways. Hint hint. We've decided on the type of cake and it's filling, but I don't want to give it away! Hehe, you guys will have to wait!

As for look and design of the cake, we're still exploring our options. We still have plenty of time, but I like to plan ahead. Here are some of my favorite cakes that I've found online. Please note that I stuck to conventionally decorated cakes, I know there are all kinds of ways to decorate cakes, but didn't want to touch that base: 

All white cakes: They're classic, but can still be updated with new textures and accents. My favorite ones, and the kind that I'm leaning towards the most is the plain white with textured sides like the first two pictures.

Colored cakes: This is a good idea if you need a splash of color, you can add some "traditional" white accents. This is also another way to incorporate your theme or wedding colors.

New ideas for "cakes": I'm so in love with these cakes! I think they're so fun and a great way to set your wedding apart from others. I like how these brides took an unconventional route for their cakes using cookies, rice krispies, donuts and pancakes.

So bloggers, friends, and new readers, what is your opinion? What cake do you think is the prettiest? What did you have at your wedding? What cake have you seen at a wedding that you just loved? Anything I should steer clear of?
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