Monday, October 18, 2010

Resolutions, September Update

So, I'm a little bit late for my Resolutions Update, but it's been a busy month...and I've been putting off updating you guys about my progress. Why you ask? Because it's zilch. Wait, I take that back. I have one resolution that will make you proud!

As always, I'm sure many of you, myself included, have given up, started new resolutions, etc.
Here is my progress for September: 

1. Write in my journal- No change from previous months. This resolution has set sail my friends.

2. This is my year of savings- I'm continuing to save for the wedding, but still trying to put a little something away for my personal savings. We've made a few more wedding down payments and it's so exciting! We have a lot of the bulk of the planning done, now it's off to the small details.

3. Lose body fat before wedding date- I've worked out twice this month. Ugh. I did get a new workout tank and I'm pretty excited to use it.  Also, starting Monday, I plan on tracking my calorie intake like I did at the beginning of the year and it worked very well. I still weigh about the same, no change so that's good! Although, I did attend a party last week and received several compliments as of weight loss. Woohoo!

Good news, I had my body fat percentage calculated at the gym and although I'm not where I'd like to be I'm only 8% off. The gym trainer told me that 1% = 1 pound. That's right where I want to be too! So I'm hoping that with my combination of tracking calories and the inspiration from a new workout tank, I'll actually visit the gym. Only a few more months before the wedding and I need to get in hot mode!

4. Learn to cook- Guess what I did. I made pancakes. From scratch. No not with Bisquick- that's not scratch, but with ingredients I had to measure out and mix all by myself like a grown up. Whoa. Who knew miracles could happen? They were delicious by the way and super easy.  

5. To be more personal on this blog- I'm having a lot more fun with my blog now that I'm more personal on it and I think that it's really grown. For any future posts, is there anything you'd like to see more of? Less of? Anything you'd like to know about me?

So, how have you ladies been doing with your resolutions? Have you changed or modified any of them? Do you have any resolutions for the new Fall season?

Isn't Heidi Klum's Halloween costumes the best? She's so creative!

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