Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Product Review: Victoria Secret Beauty Rush Sparkle Liner

When it comes to beauty, I'm down for whatever. I'll try it. I've gone to get my makeup done and said do whatever you want, but make sure it's bold. Make-up is fun and if you don't like it, just wash it off and start over!

I saw this look on Emma Stone at the Easy A premiere from the Glamour website. I loved her dress and thought her makeup choice was fresh and fun.

This look inspired me to give it a whirl with my new blue Victoria Secret Beauty Rush Sparkle Liner (available here) in Bluminescent.  The pencil was in the same beauty bin as the Beauty Rush eye shadows from this post. It's a regular pencil that's twist up- nothing to sharpen! My favorite kind. 

Here's the results:

Overall, it was a good switch from the regular everyday routine. It really wasn't a big deal to switch from black/brown to a colored eyeliner. I often wear colored eyeshadow as liner under my eye to mix it up a bit, but never tried a colored eyeliner before. This is such an easy way to try something new and add color to your beauty routine. I paired it with the Beauty Rush eyeshadow in Gold Rush on my eyes and on my cheeks, so that's what all the shimmer is. The pencil lasted all day and I liked the sheen the color had to it. I'd definitely wear this again and try their other colored pencils as well. It's regularly $7, but I bought during a sale for $5.
How adventurous are you with makeup? What colors do you wear most often when not wearing neutrals? Have you tried colored eyeliner?
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