Friday, February 6, 2015

Pic Dump

Whenever I upgrade my phone, I'm upgrading the amount of GB as well. I hate deleting 15 pics to take one or deleting apps, etc. I often go through phases where I take a gazillion pics or go days without snapping anything. I do have a rule not to post on social media more than 2 times a day (unless it's a holiday, then I allow myself extra) because sometimes it's just freaking annoying. Especially when all the pics posted are variations of the same thing. There are a few accounts I do enjoy that post often and keep it interesting, but sometimes I wish there was a filter. The point to my IG posting rules is that not all my pictures make it to the internets. If it's not on the interwebs, then it didn't happen right? Well guess what, everything below now officially happened. Enjoy.

 photo 14c01c38-5c08-48b7-9778-9210903568e4_zps6d591668.jpg

SH Polish in Bare It All (a great nude) // $5 Sunnies (best ever)// Revlon Gloss in Pink Ruby

 photo 4874751B-66C3-4786-9F7E-3C2BD0EED9F8_zpstwnanzvw.jpg
Ellie sometimes insists on pushing the cart, but she's not big enough yet so she settles for this. It cracked me up the entire time.

 photo 00A7C0F5-FA9C-483D-87EB-7B4AC5170333_zps6b3mjzae.jpg
Best burgers in town! Gotta get extra fry sauce (I wish they had it in a pump) and jalapenos

 photo 790D44D5-6DD3-4ED3-AC5E-93FE9CBC871A_zpstttszaub.jpg
We've been working earnestly on our Valentines for family and friends. Ellie's motto is more stickers, always more stickers.

 photo 078F64FB-924D-4756-B6A2-575F093E027B_zps3gfqulxf.jpg
Coat is Carters (old) // Bow from Forever 21 (old) 
We took Ellie to a local high school basketball game to watch her partner in crime (her cousin) perform at halftime. She had so much fun and watching 4 year olds dance is awesome.

Hope you all have a great weekend! Toast to Fridays!

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