Monday, February 16, 2015

Savannah Bee Company Review

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My husband and father in law are huge honey fans. They’re always talking about different honeys, we’ve visited honey stores and taste-tested all the flavors, on camping trips we buy honey sticks, and at street fairs and such we always come home with a jar of local honey. When I was contacted by Savannah Bee Co. to review their product, I had to jump at the chance! It would make a great and special gift, especially for Valentine’s day.
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For my review, I chose The Honey Caramel Delight Valentine’s Day Gift Set. The set came in a fun box with bee facts on each side, and included their Savannah Bee Tupelo Honey, Winter White Honey, Adam Turoni’s Honey Caramel Sauce, and Adam Turoni’s Sourwood Caramen Chocolate. The honey came in adorable glass jars (that I’m keeping on display in our kitchen), and the chocolates were wrapped in a cute wrapper in a clear case. Obviously, my husband and I scarfed those down first thing- they were absolutely delicious!
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The weekend the honey was delivered we had a BBQ with the family and it was the perfect opportunity to do a test taste! We passed out toothpicks and everyone had a taste. It was fun to try different honeys and see which they preferred. The Adam Turoni’s Honey Caramel Sauce was a big hit and is delicious drizzled over apple slices.

We've been enjoying the honey all week for breakfast over toast and fruit, lunch with peanut butter and honey sandwiches, and enjoying spoonfuls here and there for something sweet. I would definitely recommend them for any  honey lover in your life, the honey is delicious!

Thank you Savannah Bee Company for the opportunity to review your products, our family is loving the sweetness!

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