Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Little Poppy Co Bow Subscription Review

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April Bows

Anyone who knows me knows that I'm a bow mama. I like them small, medium, large, printed, solid, polka-dotted. I love them to match, clash, or coordinate. I first heard about Little Poppy Co through Katie (know her? I love her!) and I signed up immediately. It was the middle of the night, I was up nursing which means I was also reading and shopping and when I got back into bed I told Matt about it and how excited I was. He just replied "cool!" and rolled over. Men. They don't get the importance of a bow. I've never signed up for a subscription box before, but went for this one without hesitation.

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May Bows

Little Poppy Co sends out three bows each month for $11.99 (that's only $4 a bow, which is a steal!) and includes two solid felt bows and one specialty fabric bow. They're chosen for each month based on the colors and trends of the season. You sign up and it's shipped out a few days before the first of the month so you can enjoy them all month long. It's genius! Bows every month? What a perfect way to start a nice collection! You can choose from an elastic or clip, my first two months were elastic for Emma and I just switched to a clip for Ellie. Another great feature is that you can buy past months bows if you missed out! You can see all of the past months bows here.

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Little Poppy Co is sweet enough to offer 30% off your first order using KRISTEN30 at check out. That makes your first order just over $8! There's no time contract, so try it out! It's a perfect and unique gift too. Enjoy your day!
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