Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Maternity Pics Part 1

Today is the hubs and I 2nd anniversary, it's only fitting to share our maternity pics on such a special day. The last two years have been so wonderful, being married is so fun, it can be frustrating but always worth it. I'm so thankful to have such an amazing man to be married to, someone who is my best friend, my partner, my teammate. To think we're going to be parents in less than a month is mindblowing and I can't wait for our new journey to begin.

A few weeks ago we took our maternity pics with Lovers of Love photography in an orange grove at Citrus Park near our home. The whole shoot was so much fun and we loved working with Dana and Nate. They are so creative and helped bring our whole vision to life. Taking pictures can feel really awkward and forced, but with them we felt like supermodels. We were so comfortable and able to get some amazing shots that really show the excitement we have for our little bunny. I can't rave enough about these two, if you're looking for some photographers they are your answer! So without further ado...

 photo lawler_003_zps3ca92eb9.jpg photo lawler_005_zps032a0cc4.jpg photo lawler_006_zpsbf5b5ab5.jpg photo lawler_034_zps64acc9dc.jpg photo lawler_007_zpseeeabaca.jpg photo lawler_009_zps420cd385.jpg photo lawler_010_zps52a31968.jpg photo lawler_011_zps88bce22a.jpg photo lawler_035_zps6acd62e5.jpg photo lawler_036_zps20169c68.jpg photo lawler_045_zpsdc5be68c.jpg photo lawler_047_zps70a79b4c.jpg photo lawler_058_zpsc84be5f8.jpg photo lawler_056_zpsaa30e4dc.jpg photo lawler_053_zps1e1a57c4.jpg photo lawler_050_zpsab71ea5a.jpg photo lawler_051_zps24d66f01.jpg
 photo lawler_039_zps15464c47.jpg

Can't wait to share more with you tomorrow!
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