Thursday, May 2, 2013

Bumpdate Week 35

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On Monday, we had my 24 week appointment and baby is really healthy. We saw a bit more of her face which was fun. My husband and I have decided not to get any 4D Ultrasounds because we want to see her for the first time when she's born. I know that not all babies look the same as their ultrasounds, but I know too many that looked nearly identical and I want it to be a surprise. I'm really shocked about that with myself too because I read the Wikipedia for every book and movie I watch- it never bothers me to know the storyline or ending.

Little bunny is still Frank Breech, but our doctor said there's always hope though! I've continued to do my exercises to help turn her, but she doesn't even squirm anymore when I do them. I'm hoping she flips so I can have a regular birth, but I'm not holding my breath. My next appointment is in two weeks and then I have an appointment the following week to determine if we need the c-section or not. I've been hoping to wait until June 1 at least for her to arrive, but I don't want to go into labor on my own and not have my doctor so she may be here around May 30th. We'll see I guess!

Oh and my maternity pics will be posted next week! So excited to share them!

How far along?  34 weeks! (Each bumpdate reviews the week previous) Again, I know I say this nearly every week, but it's insane to me how fast the time has flown by. It's nuts to me that in less than a month my husband and I will be parents. We will be responsible to care, love, and teach another human being. Our lives will never ever be the same and everything we do will involve 3 of us instead of only the 2 of us.

Total weight gain: 21 lbs!! That's 5.5lbs more than my 32 week appointment. I don't feel like I have gained that much in just two weeks time, but I'm happy with my weight gain. Also, most of my appointments are first thing in the morning, and this one was right after I had lunch so I'm not sure if the 5.5 lbs is exactly accurate, but I'll take every pound I can get!

Stretch marks?: Besides Stretch Mark Gate (read about it here  in Week 28) I haven't had any more pop up and the few I have on the underside of my chest have not grown or gotten worse.  I've started using Body Spa Cell.U.Lift Firming Body Lotion every morning after my shower and starting using the  Burt's Bees Mama Bee Belly Butter each night before bed (when I remember). The Body Spa Cell.U.Lift is something every woman needs, pregnant or not. The stretch marks started to fading after only a week of use and I will do a review after I've documented some more and used the product for a longer time period. Also, I'm over the shock/sadness of having stretch marks, I glad that they're disappearing with the Image Skincare products and will continue to use them, but how I felt the day I found them and how I feel now about them are entirely different. 

 photo 069694DC-F7E2-415E-8E77-249722CC0E39-9290-0000043180D8B64D_zps90135e29.jpg
34 Weeks  0 Days

Maternity clothes: Like I said last week, getting dressed is no fun. I wear the same outfits all the time and I'm just sick of wearing them. My pregnancy uniform is my Old Navy Maternity Smooth-Panel Rockstar Jeggings  (I bought two pairs) and a few loose tops or a tank top, a cardi, and a statement necklace. 

Belly Button in or out?: It's completely flat with the top ridged out. Sometimes it is more "out" than flat depending on the position I'm in.

Sleep: Sleep is getting better for me, this last week I've only woken up once a night to use the restroom and get something to drink. I'm still having hip pain and have started to also have knee pain as well. The leg cramps have come back as well, but are short and focused on just my calves instead of my calves with shooting pains all the way up my leg. With all the cramping I've had, I've noticed the balls of my feet have been really sore from all the tension and stretching. I guess with such an easy pregnancy so far, I was bound to be uncomfortable at the end of my term. I'm still not ready to be done, I enjoy being pregnant, I just wish the uncomfortableness would ease off.

 photo FB919D7C-8C0E-4EF0-AA0F-B856A99D3EBD-526-0000003017F2D8F7_zps2b05ff9d.jpg
34 Weeks 4 Days
Note to self: stop wearing stripes while large.

Best moment this week: I loved seeing our little one with the sonogram at our appointment. She is so cute and lively. We were able to see her face too and it looks like she has my lips! Matt and I always talk about who she'll look like and both sides of our family have pretty dominant genes so we figure we'll probably have a child that looks like him, one that looks like me, etc. Honestly, I hope all of our children look like a mix of us both! Even though I think Matt and his sisters look identical, they look like both of their parents! I love it and hope that our little girl takes suit.

We were able to hang almost everything for the nursery this weekend! It looks so good! I'm only waiting on a few more things to take pictures and share with you guys how it all looks. I go into the room everyday and just look around, it's my happy spot.

Also, my work celebrated both my birthday and the baby yesterday! It was so cute! My desk was all decorated, we played a game, had lunch and dessert. They even all went in together to get my diaper pail.  It was so sweet and such a surprise! 

Have you told family and friends: Yes!
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I picked this up at Target this past Saturday, I've been looking for a gown to wear at the hospital that would be modest enough to wear with guests and easy to wear while I breastfed. This gown is so soft and the v-neck is perfect for b/f, I did some tests when trying it on and I think it will work great! 

Miss Anything? Sleeping without hip/knee pain, lying on my back, and reaching my toes to paint them or tie my shoes. 

Movement: Still lots of movement, I have been able to film some of it and it looks like a wave in my belly. I messaged it to my sister and here's our conversation, it cracks me up:

 photo 8A0ACF07-D63E-4416-851C-493E1E4D2A5D-526-0000004BCAACE9B5_zpsfb5c6dfe.jpg
I re-read it all the time- I think it's so funny and I laugh like it's the first time, each time.

Food cravings: Water- I don't think I've ever drank so much water in all my life. I've been putting sliced strawberries and a lemon wedge in my water this week and it's been delicious!Vanilla ice cream, I had two McDonald's cones this week! I've always been a big cereal eater (I just love it for any time of day), but I've been going through a box a week by myself! My portions must be getting larger.

Anything making you queasy or sick: Nothing.

Have you started to show yet: Absolutely!

Gender: Team pink!

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Symptoms: Swelling in my hands and feet, my fingers look like sausages in the above picture! My SIL said she had to do a double take since my hands look so big. They're huge! My fingers are typically very skinny, my wedding rings are 5 1/4. It's been really hot here in CA and the heat is just blowing them up!

Happy or Moody most of the time: Happy, but more emotional. I haven't cried 24/7 or anything, but I hold back tears at times or get choked up at sappy commercials, reading anything remotely heart warming, and thinking about the first time I get to hold our baby.

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I bought this chewable teething necklace from Little Miss Fairytale on a Groopdealz (in teal) and it came in this week. The texture seems great for a teething toddler, but I think it will get wrapped up in my hair. I'll definitely be sporting a pony tail while rocking the necklace. You can purchase it from her Etsy shop here.

What I'm reading: The Happiest Baby on the Block, I'm further into it, just reading a few pages every other night and really like it so far. I plan on also watching the DVD as so many of you suggested. 

Looking forward to: My 2nd shower this weekend! I'm so excited for it!! It will be great to see everyone on my in-laws side and celebrate our little bunny with loved ones, especially so close to my due date!
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