Tuesday, November 27, 2012

My Holiday Weekend + Black Friday

In past posts, I've shared with you all how excited I am for this year's holidays! This past weekend has been awesome! First, I had Wednesday- Friday off, my sister came up Tuesday night, and then it was fun filled since!

Wednesday I finally had my eye appointment and picked up some new contacts and Ray Ban glasses (I guess I can cross that off my Need Wishlist now!). I'm really excited for my glasses, they're super cute too. It was the first time I saw this doctor and I really couldn't be happier with him. I've never had a doctor take so much time with me. He explained a lot about my eyes and the tests we were taking (I have astigmatism), then I tried on 6 different types of contacts. He made sure they fit me correctly, asked for my opinion on how they felt, explained the differences, pros and cons of each brand, etc. In the past my doctors have just kind of given me new contacts and sent me on my merry way. I'm so so happy I found this doctor and that he's up the street from me! Plus, he's an Eagle Scout, which made me smile.

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Then, that night we went out with some friends and my cousin. It used to be a tradition to go out on the night before Thanksgiving and Christmas, but we haven't done it in a while. It was fun to catch up. I also wore my liquid leggings and actually did my make-up. Since I wake up so early in the morning for work, I kind of just do the basics. I haven't busted out a smoky eye in a long, long time. I wish I had a better pic of my make-up to show you guys.

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Thanksgiving was such an awesome day! Matt and I woke up early to drive out to his parents who go camping each year. We had breakfast with them, his sister and her fiance, and some close family friends who are on their trip with them. Then back home to get ready for my side's celebration. I made the above cherry cheesecake (easiest recipe ever!! and it's DELICIOUS, not too sweet or heavy) and green bean casserole. I don't eat casseroles (I don't like my food to touch), but this is a family favorite and I was tasked with it this year. My in-laws add soy sauce to the recipe (just 1 tsp) and apparently it makes it yummy. My uncle and my father in law both don't care for the dish, but ate it right up when the soy sauce is added. I considered it a success. I also like to take pictures of anything I cook or bake for proof.

Then that night, the Black Friday shopping began! I met up with my girlfriend and some friends at 9pm at Kohls. We weren't the first in line like last year, but the 3rd group there. They have the best deals, $$ off coupons, % off coupons, both of which can be combined together, AND they give you Kohls cash back. After we went to the mall, but crashed around 4am. I slept for a bit, then headed out to Target. Came home showered, and then my gf and I headed back out to the mall and Old Navy. I finally got home around 4pm. I was pooped!

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This year we did so good! I knocked 6 people off my list and found some great things for the hubs and I, and a few things for our future home.

Finally, I did pretty good at only buying a few items for myself, I'm pretty proud. Every Christmas, I feel like for every one gift I find, I get two things for myself. I just love all the glitz, glamour, and deals you can find at this time of year.

Brave on DVD, you can't beat $10! I also picked up Cinderella for $15. 

Essie Razzle Dazzle Manicure In Beige. It comes with Glamour Purse, Set In Stones and First Base Base Coat. I figured I was getting the base coat for free! I've been wanting/needing some silver glitter polish. 

New flats for work. They come in a tan/nude I want to get as well, but the Steve Madden I have are still in good shape. At least I know they're available at Kohls. I believe they carry them year round. 

Another plaid flannel from Old Navy. They're so easy to wear! I loved the Christmas colors in this one too. This one is really long, so it's perfect for leggings and I plan on layering my puff vest too with it.

I hope all of you had a wonderful Thanksgiving and great weekend! Did you go black Friday shopping? Did you find good deals?

Would you be interested in the cheesecake recipe?

PS My Sister-in-law and her fiance made it on ESPN for the USC and Notre Dame game! Aren't their signs HILARIOUS???
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Alicia said...

Hi! Love your leggings, where are they from? Thanks!

Laura at Simply Lowcountry said...

Totally get what you're saying about the eye doctor. My doc just pops them in my eyes and I'm all done... which is okay since my contacts are very comfy, but he never took the time to try several pairs. Plus, I had an eye infection a few years ago and it was over the weekend and I could not get a hold of him, which made me mad. Thinking of switching this year- I'm due in December for an exam!

Love Kohls. You can never go wrong there.



REBrown said...

Woah that's a lot of shopping bags!

Kristen said...

Alicia- I got them at Forever 21! Love them!

Alex said...

I love Kohls and Target!!

XO Alex


Alicia said...

Thanks! They look so great on you!

Carolyn said...

So glad you found a doctor that you like! :) You got some great deals! I need that nail polish! :) :) :)

Kate @ Green Fashionista said...

You are a trooper! I was pooped after hitting up Walmart at 8:00 and Target at 9:00. I planned on going to Kohls and Old Navy at midnight but just couldn't make it I was exhausted!

Caroline Mayowski said...

I'm also a tad bit too obsessed with my flannel shirt. I have to remind myself not to wear it too many times in a week! Good thing you found yourself some cute varieties.

the blackbird blogging.

Katie Did What said...

haha LOVE the black friday photo!! You girls are too cute! And holy cow, you got A LOT of stuff! SCORE! I was allll online this black friday/cyber monday, I've never gone out for BF... Maybe some day. And I am the same: It seems I always get a few things for myself for every present I buy for another. I'm working on that. ;)


Mandy @ In the Fashion Lane said...

LOVED this post! LOVED!

You did good on all your black friday shenanigans! I want that ON flannel and that silver sparkle polish is the one I mentioned in my comment on yesterday's post. I hope you love it!

OH EM GEE... your sis in law and fiance are hysterical! That pic is so classic!

Natasha xoxo said...

Love the flannel shirt. Have you been to ON today? Major sale going on... 40% OFF the entire store when you use your ON/GAP/BR card.

xo, tasha
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Anonymous said...

I seriously don't know how you do that every year. LOL. No one I know shops on black friday, but I've always wanted to go for fun!