Thursday, May 23, 2013

My Last Bumpdate: Week 38

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This is my last bumpdate as we are scheduled for our c-section next week. Crazy huh? I can't believe how quickly it's gone by and I'm so excited to finally meet her, love on her, and see what she looks like. Our lives will never, ever be the same, they'll be better! I know I'm going to miss feeling her from the inside and miss being pregnant though.

Tomorrow is my last day of work and this weekend is packed with a wedding and birthdays, but the hubs and I are going to savor every moment we have of our last weekend as a family of two.   I have so many emotions, the last week has been kind of a roller coaster; excitement, worry, anxiousness, exhilaration, and joyfulness. There's so much I want to write here, but I can't get the words right and hope to share more with you in a future post.

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 I love seeing her heartbeat at our appointments

How far along?  37 Weeks! (Each bumpdate reviews the week previous)

Total weight gain: I had an appointment on Monday and have gained a total of 26lbs. I'm thinking I'll be around 27-28 at the time of delivery.The doctor also guesstimates that our bunny weighs between 7.5-8.5lbs and our families have started placing bets.

Stretch marks?: Besides Stretch Mark Gate (read about it here  in Week 28) I haven't had any more pop up and the few I have on the underside of my chest have not grown or gotten worse.  I've started using Body Spa Cell.U.Lift Firming Body Lotion every morning after my shower and starting using the  Burt's Bees Mama Bee Belly Butter each night before bed (when I remember). I'm hoping to steer clear of any stretch marks at all in this last week, wish me luck!

Maternity clothes: Randomly, I've made some cute outfits of the few items that still fit me! Of course, I'm still wearing my Old Navy Maternity Smooth-Panel Rockstar Jeggings  (I bought two pairs) and have made some really cute looks this past week. Although all I want to wear is some pj shorts and my husbands shirts.

Belly Button in or out?: Depends on my position, but it's out. Sometimes it's just flat and other times it bubbles out.

Sleep: Sleep? What sleep? I wake up a few times during the night and my hip pain is at it's worst!

 photo 64CAA8E9-CBA9-4166-A53F-3E8CABA89FC4-15271-000006BBC86D3B05_zpsada7bf68.jpg
I spent one of the morning this past weekend folding all her clothes. They are so small, it's crazy how much you can fit in a load of laundry and in a single drawer! 

Best moment this week: Finishing the nursery! My MIL and SIL came over last weekend and we organized, washed, and bought everything we needed. We are all set and I'll be taking some pictures this weekend to share next week.

Also this week, the sweet women in our Relief Society threw me a shower and it was lovely. It was so great getting know them better (we just moved into the ward) and I really enjoyed myself. It was such a wonderful shower, I'm so thankful to them.

Worst moment this week: This week I have been so uncomfortable, my last day of work is tomorrow and I wish I could have taken off this whole week. I'm out of breath, my hands/feet are swollen, my hips hurt, and I'm tired. No fun.

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I got my hair done this week as well, want to look good to meet baby! Plus, who knows when I'll have a chance to get my hair done again!

Have you told family and friends: Yes!

Miss Anything? Sleeping throughout the night which will not happen again for years. 

Movement: Still lots of movement! I'm definitely going to miss the feeling when she's here.

Food cravings: Milk, cereal, fruit, and smoothies. 

Anything making you queasy or sick: Nothing.

Have you started to show yet: Absolutely!

Gender: Team pink!

 photo 9f78f5d2c29b11e2808622000a1f9aaf_7_zps7b0d552a.jpg
My MIL and I on our way to the church shower, we matched!

Symptoms:Like what I said above, my hip pain is horrible and hurts so bad in the mornings, my hands/feet are swollen, my hands ache, I'm tired and uncomfortable, and I'm definitely waddling early in the morning and at the end of the day.

Happy or Moody most of the time: Happy, happy, happy!

What I'm reading: This week has been so busy, but I did manage to sneak in another chapter of Breastfeeding Made Simple- a suggestion from Meg of Meg. O on the Go.

Looking forward to: Finally meeting our little bunny!

I'm trying to work on some posts for next week, but I'm sure my posts will be scattered over the next couple of weeks as we get into the swing of parenthood and get to know our little bunny. Again, I just want to thank each of you for all your love and support throughout the whole pregnancy. It's been so wonderful getting know you guys and sharing pregnancies stories and words of advice. It's been a truly amazing experience and I'm so grateful for each of you!
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