Monday, May 23, 2016

Our Weekend + Classic Dot Review!

This weekend was so busy! There was no lounging, relaxing, and definitely no sleeping in. Or coordinating naps. I had to work on Saturday (as did Matt), so my sister came up to watch the girls. We had a whole day planned for over a month for shopping, errand running, and party prep for Ellie's third birthday next week.

 photo 235FA57B-034D-4A7D-B8CD-28CD0B84D0FB_zpslq9aoxzq.jpg

Saturday was pretty hectic, I was home later than anticipated for work, it took longer to get out of the house, and we were home later than we wanted to be. Why does that seem to always happen? After dinner we got to work on some crafts and we got a ton done for Ellie's party. We watched Zootopia and How to be Single while we did the party favors and made tissue poms (only 6 left to fluff!). It was so nice spending time with her and it was really the only day to do anything for the party. I'm so lucky to have a sister and be so close to her, I wish we were able to see each other more often!

 photo FBC43077-1B78-40D5-A6A1-2D9423346220_zpsunc1tzwo.jpg photo F8D07CBD-151D-4267-AF05-0B82AA839895_zpsoxa5wtwv.jpg photo B35F38B3-785E-4A54-930B-52D7B5A062F3_zpsrcd3gpjd.jpg

Sunday we had a birthday party at a local park and it was so much fun! It's so great seeing my girlfriends and their kids, and the babies were all obsessed with each other. It was the cutest thing to watch! They'd all laugh at each other, try and feed one another, and play.  I had intended to do more errands after the party, but the girls were tired so we came home for a nap. I was hoping to get them to nap together (a miracle), but they each napped independently from each other and when one wasn't crying the other was. No errands or crafting for me!

 photo DE657D0C-D661-475F-A934-5A8232518116_zpsmjgerbus.jpg

While we were out, I dressed Emma in the cutest moccs from Classic Dot. We got so many compliments on them and I love having something soft on her feet. I used to think that all baby moccs were the same, but I'm obsessed with these spring silver ones! They're such high quality, and they totally stayed on her feet all day long! Emma loves to pull everything off her feet, but she kept these babies on all day. The shape of them seem to fit Emma's feet better than other baby shoes we have and the elastic around the ankle is a higher quality. The leather is a nice thickness and super soft, perfect for little feet!

 photo 63E9D32D-035A-4B3F-8ABE-FBD5046421DE_zpswlh8zfxj.jpg photo 246D6698-300E-49F0-AB10-9B076CF2D235_zpskncxuwr9.jpg

Classic Dot is offering all readers 20% off through May 31 using LOVE20 at check out! Be sure to get your little a pair, I'm loving the Bloom and Mint ones!
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