Wednesday, March 16, 2016

OOTD: Date Night Look + Some Honest Truths

 photo 80C6726C-22C2-4608-A5D5-7C63FBB4DD02_zpspgufr6ra.jpg photo 4F206748-C356-4E24-9584-8D81D40E5519_zpskukzhoqh.jpg photo 3B998BDE-4265-49A2-9D79-9C71B32FB213_zpstptntcd1.jpg photo 0EF73706-DF01-4B27-8252-5AFD0B70F393_zpsf7yqomou.jpg photo A894A87E-DCF6-4CCF-961E-0346AA40F077_zpstayybbsf.jpg

So, I totally realize that my only pose is with a hand on my hip, but that's all I have folks. I'm not a model or a major blogger, so I'll just have the hubs snap pics on my iPhone in front of our garage for now instead of going to a location and fake walking. Nothing against those bloggers, I love them, follow them, and buy all the crap they're selling, I'm just not that talented. Or have the time. Or a husband that is willing to take pics. Most of the time I have to twist his arm. 

Want to know where I wore this pretty little ditty? No where. It's just for the pics because I bought it last month and it's been sitting in my closet mocking me. I'm dying to wear it out for a date with my main squeeze, but we haven't had the time. We have sitters lined up and we're gonna go out next month. So I've been eyeing this top and dreaming about how I'm gonna wear it so I was doing my makeup and putting stuff away and decided to try it on and put a look together.

 photo 426A47C9-536E-4281-8DA1-8410FACA4031_zpseiumyahd.jpg

This lipstick is a total impulse buy during a 2am nursing session. Well, afterwards actually, because I was wide awake and went down a total rabbit hole of MAC lipstick. I was looking online, on Pinterest, making collages comparing swatches found on Pinterest. Hot mess express people. I'm sure that's not normal. I also have my eye on Flocking Fabulous and Please me. I'm also fully aware that I need another pink lipstick like I need a hole in my head.

That's my honest truths ladies. I wore this outfit solely for this post because I'm dying to wear it and I'm sick of looking at it hanging up. I can't pose to save my life and I'm a pink lipstick addict that mulls over lipstick shades like a crazy woman.

Hope you're having a fantastic week! What's something silly that makes you a crazy lady?
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