Sunday, September 27, 2015

Our Wedding Weekend

My sister's wedding was this past weekend and it was absolutely beautiful! She was a stunning bride, he a handsome groom, the day was gorgeous, the food was good, the company great, and the dance floor popping. It was a wonderful day for our family and I'll definitely share more once the pro pics are in. 

Here are a few sneak peeks though for now- all phone pics so excuse the quality, from the girls:

 photo B2252BA2-DE7F-41C5-921D-F7149A198C7E_zpswemp6ouh.jpg photo 035C9A73-A43E-4824-9CE9-B9D2662B1D54_zpsovgj46nf.jpg
 photo 27C18CB1-DE53-45F5-9CC7-4A1C97968FDE_zpsowuyjfsr.jpg photo 5C104FE9-DBFA-4D46-9B11-08F85FD7D3C1_zpsoo8ww9ob.jpg
 photo B1E22491-4E2C-4139-91EF-C5DE49F4B4AE_zps7kmuwrhc.jpg
The chalkboard sign I made for their wedding hashtag. I'm pretty proud of myself for this, I only had chunky kid chalk, but I think it turned out great! 

 photo A2BA4592-6E50-493B-8BDA-EB54523044A9_zpsvsv5eyrb.jpg photo E7414A51-4807-457A-B36E-1AEC63BBDD47_zpsddyqhhgw.jpg photo 944938D2-F9CB-4E06-ABCD-679538B96EA4_zpsmumfipkp.jpg photo 9D0B249C-2C7E-4EB0-8AFC-C5EBCD0FB617_zpsqzx2zjsh.jpg photo 147848D9-9F1D-4BD0-B36E-975296B7B41D_zpsvpmfiu9y.jpg photo 7F63D503-50EE-490C-AC22-4696ADF23B85_zpsnyuvnfex.jpg

It was awesome catching up with friends and family. I always love seeing everyone, we really don't get to see each other often enough. Everyone had such a great time and both girls were amazing! Eleanor was the cutest flower girl, practically running down the aisle with the biggest grin and dancing all night long. She was exhausted that night and all day Sunday from the big day. Emma was passed all around from family member to family member and never made a peep! It was such an amazing day and I wish my sister and my brother in law a life time of happiness!
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