Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Our Family of Four

At the beginning of the year (like January or February) I scheduled our family pictures for our little one's arrival. At the time, I didn't know if we were having a he or a she, or exactly when they would arrive. Luckily for me, Lovers of Love penciled us in over a two week span. This is the fourth time they photographed us and I absolutely love working with them. They are so talented and I choke up a little bit every time I look at the beautiful memories they've helped our family capture. These pictures mean so much to me and I love all of them so much, each picture really makes my heart swell. Here's just a few, it was so hard not to share every one. Thank you again for capturing the love of our family in our home, I'll treasure these for all my life!

 photo lawler_2015_-9_zpsip4q3ubx.jpg photo lawler_2015_-118_zps6rycxtmj.jpg
 photo lawler_2015_-15_zpsq3wgy5z0.jpg photo lawler_2015_-13_zpsgt1tnnl9.jpg photo lawler_2015_-27_zpsoqd5xosr.jpg photo lawler_2015_-28_zpsaugxvmk8.jpg photo lawler_2015_-31_zpspgpcjenv.jpg photo lawler_2015_-29_zps52m7shnn.jpg photo lawler_2015_-42_zpsuhdvkk2z.jpg photo lawler_2015_-51_zpswybg90ra.jpg photo lawler_2015_-55_zpsxrceynod.jpg photo lawler_2015_-59_zpsffehqhxg.jpg photo lawler_2015_-93_zpsrjcjeyxi.jpg photo lawler_2015_-94_zpstdmervkm.jpg photo lawler_2015_-109_zpsmghlewci.jpg

Me: Top from Coco and Main through Jane // Jeans
Eleanor: Top (from Target, no longer available, similar here) // Shorts // Bow
Matt: Top (TJ Maxx) // Jeans
Emma: Swaddle // Bow 
Emma:  Headband (c/o Willow Crowns) // Swaddle from So Chic Boutique thru Jane 
Emma: Headband and Bloomers are both from Jane, two years ago
Emma: Swaddle // Bow

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