Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Product Review: The Wet Brush

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When it comes to brushes, I've used a paddle one since junior high and just recently got a new one in my Christmas stocking this past year (but the old one is still hiding in my drawer!). I like the new one, but the bristles are hard and don't flex much and sometimes if there's a big knot, it rips out a ton of hair no matter how slow or gentle I go. My girlfriend got a Wet Brush for Christmas and loves it, so when they contacted me I replied immediately! I couldn't wait to try it out on my color treated hair.

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Ellie's hair is still baby fine and she has the most wicked bed head I have ever seen. I have to douse it in detangler and gently comb her tangles out. Most of the time she goes running away when she sees I have a comb in hand and I usually have to bribe or distract her to put her hair up. Wet Brush was kind enough to send me a surprise child one for her! She was so excited and brushed mine and her daddy's hair with hers.

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So Ellie and I have been using our brushes for a few weeks (more like months since I'm behind on posts!) now and we love them! I feel like it gets through our hair like a hot knife through butter. I have some really gnarly snarls at the base of my neck and it takes a bit of work sometimes to brush through them, but it's half the time with The Wet Brush compared to my standard paddle brush.

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The rubber covering and handles are shaped in a way to keep the brush in your hands and the bristles are a unique Intelliflex design to gently go through your hair without pulling or tugging it. I'm so happy with this brush! I don't think I could ever go back to a standard brush and plan on buying the paddle one myself. It's a great brush for those with tangles, long hair, or for children and it comes in so many different colors and patterns- it would be a great stocking stuffer too!

What's your hair brush of choice? Have you tried the Wet Brush yet?
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