Monday, August 3, 2015

Decorating a Diaper Genie

It's baby week everyone! We spent the weekend getting the nursery ready for our little one's arrival and I did a quick DIY on one of my must-haves for any nursery- The Diaper Genie Elite. When it was my first rodeo, I didn't pay much attention to which diaper pail would be the best, just registered for one and called it a day. Ummmm, poor choice! It didn't last long in our house; it didn't keep the smell in, once her diapers were a larger size it filled up quickly, and then it broke! I made sure that this time around we got the best diaper pail to begin with.

Having great products can make a huge difference in taking care of a baby. Especially when it's your first time and you just buy everything. Luckily, I've learned what works for us and knew what to get for our second time around. The Elite is perfect at keeping the smell at bay with a carbon filter and how the bags are multilayer and are kept at the bottom part of the pail. Another feature I love is how easy it opens with its foot pedal! With our last disaster pail, the lid was such a hassle we ended up wrestling with it to go down. It was such a pain, the Diaper Genie is amazing!

 photo 3487E5E5-7901-4DC2-BE7A-C0524420433E_zpsf6taruaw.jpg

A few weeks ago, I picked up the Diaper Genie Elite and a refill pack at Target with some wall decals to decorate it. I like how sleek the Diaper Genie Elite is, but I want to add a little bit of punch to the look. I've seen tons of cute DIYs and thought I'd extend our nursery theme to the pail as well. It's sleek look is the perfect palette to create something special.

 photo 022EDE67-C94D-417C-943F-83DAE480ED44_zpsyuj1zqcw.jpg  photo 99FC52E3-E49A-4A76-9F63-E7BC67D4D9E0_zpskgntrybg.jpg

After such a busy weekend getting everything ready, decorating the pail was a nice way to unwind. It was fun and I was excited to put it together. It would be such a cute gift to give a decorated pail as a shower gift too- you can literally decorate it any way you want to personalize it and have it match a nursery. I thought about doing different things to decorate it- markers, paint, fabric, etc. but I felt like I couldn't go wrong with wall decals. If I messed up, I could take them off with ease and place them again on the genie. I really like how it turned out, I love the 3D texture and the color combinations. 

 photo EF65DE20-8003-4C6A-99EE-1250A4D96B0B_zpsvders8ek.jpg

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What are your nursery essentials? What products did you learn were best for you?

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