Thursday, August 13, 2015

IPhone Birth Pics

I can't believe it's been a week since our little EB joined our family. I'm still getting the hang of things and it's been wonderful having my husband home with me. I'm dreading getting out of the house by myself with two little munchkins- it takes Ellie like 20 minutes to leave because she wants to do everything herself and takes forever to decide which baby to bring and which accessories the baby might need while out. This last week though has been incredible and doing the mothering thing the second time around is pretty amazing. I'm hoping to have some good posts up soon- what I packed for the hospital, some beauty reviews, our birth story, etc. So please hang in there with me!

Hope you enjoy these pics from my phone in the hospital- there's a few repeats that have been posted to Instagram (Kristen_Lawler), but mostly new ones that I really love and wanted to share.

 photo B06937BA-5E5A-48AD-872C-30F2A3CD1775_zpszkpitvnr.jpg
Our last family pic of 3

 photo 2FD98C95-9964-45F0-8244-B861D28B6369_zpsytcglhgt.jpg
Getting ready for baby

 photo D9577FC0-1D89-4F3B-9B6A-26EB595F305A_zpsivnrifwo.jpg
When I was wheeled into the bonding area, Matt was absolutely adorable kissing and talking to our Emma

 photo B65FB56C-FCD2-4F86-823B-6C68A83F9DA0_zpsyjgjt2qo.jpg
First family pic of 4!

 photo CC71B02E-3368-4D6E-8B43-381195F67F4C_zpsymryu0ru.jpg
Ellie was pretty excited!

 photo EED32EA3-2E8B-4F2C-A9C6-42E5509973F4_zpskwezubye.jpg
The kissing still hasn't stopped

 photo 604EEC94-D383-4303-A845-85263DC9F32C_zpsspzpbaz2.jpg
Nursing is off on the right foot

 photo 989DC160-3DC9-46AF-A917-F6BDDA27FF68_zpsqhpia0rj.jpg

 photo 514484E6-46A6-4FEB-824F-29017D6B1DCD_zps2k8dlsys.jpg
I can't get over how tiny she is

 photo 58E52B07-2717-404A-8405-D00B065116F5_zps059f3dzx.jpg
Her little face is just precious. I don't see me at all in her, just Matt and Eleanor!

 photo 83D86E71-EC3F-4453-9132-47B0303A3E86_zpsppg0n349.jpg
Look at that sweet nose and chunky cheeks!

Thank you so much for all of the sweet comments and support this past week! We are so happy and my heart is so full it's spilling over. I love reading everyone's kind words and love this online community so much! Hope you're having a great day!
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