Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Baby 2 Bumpdate: Week 39 (My Last Bumpdate)

38 Weeks, 4 Days

It's almost baby day! I've been busy, busy, busy, busy, this week getting prepared. My last day of work was Monday and I've had errands and appointments filling up the last two days (gotta get my toes and hair done!). Today I have my last doctor appointment before her arrival and I can't wait to see her little face!

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- The last two weeks have been tough for me. My body aches, I'm popping Tylenol some days as soon as my 6 hours are up, I've been grumpy, have had a hard time sleeping, etc. No fun. I didn't really have this same pain with Ellie and they say each pregnancy is worse than the last and I'm glad that I've let my dream of 7 children go. 

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- This weekend I boiled/sanitized all of the bottles, nipples, pacis, and pump parts. I'm absolutely dreading pumping when I go back to work. I loved nursing, but pumping sucks. You can read about Our Breastfeeding Journey and I'm hoping that it will be just as successful  this second time around too and that it will be a bit easier for us.

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-Her nursery is just about complete, it's done decorating wise, but the closet needs help. Oh, and we need a different lamp. On Saturday, I washed all of her blankets and her take home outfit. I can't believe how small newborn clothing is! I was looking at it while folding and couldn't really remember Ellie being so small, why do they grow so fast?

-This past weekend we took Ellie to her first movie with us and spent the afternoon playing and savoring our last full afternoon as a family of 3. It was so much fun and I can't wait to see her as a big sister, she's going to love having a lifetime best friend.

Happy Wednesday! Thank you again for following along the last few months, hoping you're having a good week!
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