Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Closet Purge + Purchases

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While my aunt was in town, we tackled my closet and dresser and purged a ton. Some things were easy to toss and other things she had to twist my arm. See all of those pretty bras? Thanks to pregnancy and nursing, they'll never fit again. See ya later C cups, I've moved on to bigger jugs. I totally had to take a break after that drawer, it was really hard to see all those pretties gone. We got rid of everything that didn't fit, was badly pilled, or hadn't been worn in the last year. There's really no need for several cocktail dresses when they only cocktails anyone is drinking around here are the ones my body produces for a baby.

Life is just different now that we have children and although Matt and I have date nights once in a blue moon, I'm not wearing anything fancy. The trips to Vegas have stopped, weddings and bachelorette parties are almost done, and baby showers have started to slow a bit too. It was time to go through my clothing and keep only the items that work with my lifestyle and get a lot of wear (i.e. mostly work stuff). It was awesome having a third person there to help evaluate items and talk about memories with; I remember where I wore something, what I bought it for, if anything special happened in it, etc. I'm totally a sentimental closet hoarder.

Now that my closet was clean and I could see a purpose in my clothes, I made a mental note of the items it was missing or needed to be replaced.

- A dark and a light wash pair of jeans
- Black denim
- A gray and a tan long cardigan
- Black flats
- Some lightweight short sleeve tops for work
- Black blazer
- Every day white tee

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Here's some items I've purchased to replace the items I tossed above:
-Tan Cardi
-Gray Cardi (shown in black)
-Black Skinnies
-V Neck Tank
-Light Wash Skinnies

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Light Wash Skinnies // Top (Old Navy, not online)

I absolutely love these jeans! I bought them at the regular length so they would hit just above my foot and look good with both flats or heels. They're really comfortable and have a nice tight stretch to them.

This top is perfect to look pulled together and comfortable. It's great for CA weather too, I can wear this all year and the nice plum color is perfect for fall and winter.

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V Neck Tank // Tan Cardi // Light Wash Skinnies

So I bought this top thinking it was solid white and apparently didn't bother to read the description or zoom in to see that it's white with oatmeal color dots on it. I don't think I would have ever have bought it or tried it on had I seen it in store, but I'm so happy with it. It was a great surprise. I love how it looks with the cardigan too. I do wish it was available in more solid colors because it fits great and it really thin so it's perfect to layer. 

This is the best inexpensive cardigan! I have it in three colors that I bought last year and they've really washed well. I'm kinda surprised since they're less than $10. Sometimes a win is a win though.

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Gray Cardi  // Light Wash Skinnies

I love, love, love both the jeans and the cardigan! The cardi is really soft and I love the length. My only gripe is that it's a woven material that will snag so easily and everywhere. I'm thinking about returning it just for that reason, but it's so cute! Ugh. My heart is torn.  

These skinny jeans are amazing! They are more comfortable than the light wash jeans and are black perfection. They fit like a glove and stretch so well. I love how they fit and can't wait to wear them with some cute booties.

So, that's what I've been up to around here! I donated all the clothes above and I hope that someone will get a lot of wear out of them. They're all in good condition (I threw out anything that was worn out) and some items I was really sad to see go, but if I'm not wearing them someone else should be. It's been a real relief though to purge and it's nice to actually have room in my closet. 

When I've been out shopping, I've kept an eye out for items that will really add to my closet. To choose and try on items that I need and I know will get a lot of wear. I'm trying to stick to just needs and not wants and think about different ways I can style them and picking what will be the most versatile. It can be really hard! Especially with a new season upon us and tons of new trends and styles coming out. I've been strong so far though!

What are you looking to buy this fall? How often do you clean out your closets? 
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