Thursday, December 8, 2011

Christmas Decor

There's so, so, so many ideas, crafts, and ways to decorate for the holidays. I nearly drove myself mad by creating 300 different posts with themed ideas, but then calmed down and picked just my favorites, as well as simple/easy to do ideas. All pics are from my Pinterest Holiday board, there's more there and it's constantly being updated.

A twist on the ornament wreath (btw, I LOVE wreaths. My H is going to have to build me a shed to store them all in our future home)

Again, easy thing to switch out on hurricanes and candles (remember this Fall post?)

I love these mantles, both are simple, but with a completely different feel to them.

This key ornament idea, is so sweet. The scrabble pieces would be easy to make and is a kid-friendly craft.

I love the idea of using ornaments as a chandelier, so simple and looks gorgeous! Don't forget to decorate your fridge either.

How are you decorating this year? Do you use a theme?

What crafts are you making?

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