Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Pretty Wedding Ornament

I've searched everywhere for a cute wedding ornament, I did find this one from Hallmark and picked it up, but I wanted something more. Then I remembered I pinned this a while ago and made some for all our newlywed friends. They were super easy and a great gift that will always have a special spot on the tree.

All you need is clear glass ornaments, their wedding invitation, a pencil, and ribbon or charms.

The L ornament is from this wedding's invite 
The R ornament is from this wedding's invite

Just cut the invitation in strips of varying length, but make sure you can read the details (their names, dates, places, etc) and wrap it around the pencil to curl it. I'll be making mine this week, our extra wedding stuff is in storage (with the Christmas gifts!) so I'll be picking them up today or tomorrow.

I'm so excited to have something so special for our tree and it made me even happier to share it with our friends! They were a big hit, so now I'm trying to gather invitations from our friends who were married a few years ago so I can make some for them too.
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