Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Recent Purchases

I thought I'd finally share with you ladies some of my recent purchases, including my Black Friday purchases. Nothing too exciting, mostly items for work, but I love sharing what I've been buying and deals that are out there.

Old Navy Chambray Shirt
I saw this shirt a month or so ago and didn't buy it and kicked myself in the butt ever since! I saw it Black Friday, but they were all out of my size, then when I looked in the men's section to find something for Matthew I found a Medium tucked into the middle or a rack. I literally jumped for joy! 

Old Navy Glitter Belt (unable to find online)
Here is another find I saw and didn't buy, luckily I got it for $7.99!
I just wore these last week with a hot pink crew neck sweater and forgot to take a pic for you guys! I'll have to just wear it again so I can share.
NY and Co Skinny Slacks 
I'm seriously so in love with both of my new pants, they're so comfortable and fit great.

Bath and Body Works Lipgloss in Vanilla Mint

MAC Lipglass in Florabundance
Another perfect nude color, but with a warmed pink tint. My new fave MAC Lipglass.

What have you been buying? Besides Christmas gifts! I have such a hard time not buying for myself around the holidays. All the sparkly clothing, the gift sets, I had to pry my hands off the MAC holiday sets.
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