Monday, August 29, 2011

Everyday I'm Shuffling- Vegas Bach Party

Two weekends ago I went to Vegas to celebrate my Grand Big Sis' bachelorette party (check out her bridal shower). It was such a great time and so many memories were made! We stayed in the Penthouse suite of Planet Hollywood and it was incredible, larger than my place! It was really nice to have our own full-size kitchen and washer/dryer, plus a huge sitting area to house all the ladies comfortably, not to mention the four bedrooms and baths- incredible!

When we first got there (we left at 6am) we just headed straight to the pool to relax.

Later that night we had a table outside by the pool at Surrender Nightclub. Dancing outside is so much cooler than being inside (temperature-wise and otherwise) and our spot was prime for people watching.
The Bride and myself

Everyday we're shuffling...

The next day we had a table at Encore Beach Club (It's Surrender, but the day club/pool). It was perfect weather, the water was refreshing, and the drinks were smooth.

Club Pics

Surrender day and night it awesome, I can't wait to go back in October, I'm definitely taking the H there.

Her wedding is just a few weeks away and I'm so happy for her. Her and the Fiance are the perfect couple and I wish them nothing but happiness!

Where do you like to go in Vegas?
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