Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Celeb Inspiration: Anna Paquin

Most of you know by now, but in case you didn't...I'm a huge True Blood fan. Huge. I watch every week, I've read all the books, I stalk websites looking for spoilers, etc. One of the reasons I tune in is to see Anna Paquin. She's quite a beauty, and in an understated way which I love. I think that the characters she plays and Anna herself are women that many of us can relate too (not talking about being in love with supernatural characters or being a supernatural herself (TB and X-Men) that is). The characters she portrays are often determined, strong willed, trying to save themselves and others, and are often falling in love. I love it. I've really become a Paquin fan over the years. I've also loved some of her recent fashion choices and wanted to share them.

Hollywood Glamour: These dresses were some of my absolute favorites from the awards seasons. Anna looks stunning in these long gowns and exudes glitz and glamour in them.

Fashion Forward: Anna isn't afraid to wear cutting edge fashion and she rocks them well. Whether it's something demure or something that pushes the envelope, Anna doesn't stick to any fashion molds.

Sex Appeal: Paquin knows that you don't have to bare all to be sexy- she knows where and how much to show to get men's blood pumping.

Short and Sassy: Anna keeps it fun with short and sassy dresses with different cuts, textures and colors.

So lovely readers, what do you think of her style? Do you like how unique her choices are? What would you like to see next for her on the red carpet? Are you a TB fan too?
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