Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Product Review: ELF Mineral Lip Glosses and Lipsticks

Ok, so everyone is fully aware of my love for budget friendly e.l.f. products by now right? If not, it's true. I love finding a great find and for $3 e.l.f. makes the cut. So far I'm in deep love with their blush, use their makeup setting mist, and love their polish. I recently just bought a bunch of stuff from (see my e.l.f. haul here) them and wanted to start posting my reviews for you lovely ladies.

First up is the e.l.f. Mineral Lip Glosses in Au Naturale, Bare and Sorority Girl. When I bought them, they all looked pretty similar, pinky-nudes to layer and wear everyday. In real life, the color is much more vivid in the bottle than how it looks online and applies very sheer with just a hint of color. The Au Naturale is a golden pink with flecks of shimmer and reminds me very much of Carrie Underwood, the Bare is more of a mocha shade than nude with a slight sheen, and Sorority Girl is a rosy pink with a hint of gold shimmer.

My complaint with the e.l.f. Studio Minty Lip Gloss (the glitter ones you can buy from Target) is that you don't get enough gloss on the wand for just one application and have to apply like 6 times before it really coats your lips. Luckily, that's not the case with these! Only 2 coats and you're ready. I also love the packaging, very similar to MAC lipglosses, but the top is kind of cheapie, but wouldn't break or crack. The glosses last about an hour before wearing off which isn't too bad- I think that's pretty fair for regular gloss (compared to long-lasting). The texture of them is really moisturizing, the gloss isn't too thick, and not sticky. It feels just a little slicker than chapstick.

My only complaint about the glosses is that they're not really glossy. You definitely won't be blinding anyone with the sheen on your lips from these. If I had to give them a grade I'd give a B because they're great colors, very sheer and moisturizing, but they're not a must-have. They're not going to change your lipstick life or anything. They are a good gloss and worth the every penny of $3 but I prefer my MAC favorites over them, but I would buy them again.

 With that same purchase I also bought e.l.f. Mineral Mineral Lipstick in Natural Nymph and Runway Pink. Natural Nymph is a pale nude color, very similar to concealer with pink tones and Runway Pink is more rosy than pink. Natural Nymph is also a close dupe for MAC Myth, just an fyi. 

The color of the lipsticks is pretty similar in real life to how they look online, but the online pictured gives the impression that the colors have a shine to them. There is very minimal gloss/sheen to the lipsticks, they're very matte in real life, so you have to combine them with a gloss. They aren't the kind of matte look that you can wear alone (chapstick would even work). The lipsticks lasts a few hours, are creamy and also are very moisturizing. The colors are very pigmented and are true to color. If I gave them a grade, I'd also give them a B.

Overall, I'm really happy with these purchases and will more than likely purchase the same products again. My biggest complaint is that you can't road test the colors before buying them or see how they look in real life. It's really hard buying make-up online, at least in store you can see how they look through the packaging. Also, there's not description of each shade or whether or not the color is matte or glossy.

Have you tried e.l.f. lip products before? What was your experience? Which products and colors do you use?
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