Thursday, August 11, 2011

Best Sangria...EVER!

For my cousin's baby shower I asked if I could bring anything and told them all about the 100s of recipes I've collected on Pinterest and had a ton of beverages I could make. We talked it over and decided that sangria would be a great idea (obviously for all the non-pregger guests).

So I searched through my pins and found this delicious Sweet & Fruity White Wine Sangria from Poor Girl Eats Well blog (who I'm also now following). It was so easy and super super tasty. Like mouth watering delicious.

Here's Poor Girl Eats Well's Recipe:
1 bottle of well-chilled white wine
1/2 liter ginger ale
1 c Mangolicious frozen fruit blend (or 1/3 c frozen blueberries, 1/3 c frozen mango, and 1/3 c frozen raspberries)
1/3 c frozen pineapple
1/2 orange, sliced
A few cubes of ice (optional for extra chilling)

Combine the wine & ginger ale in a large pitcher and stir well. Add the fruit & ice and stir gently. Allow to sit for an hour at the very least. Garnish glasses with orange slices, and enjoy!

Here's a list of the ingredients I used, my entire cost was $15 and had enough to serve the entire party and then some.
-Charles Shaw Chardonnay (3 bottles)
-Canada Dry Ginger Ale (it's sweeter than tonic water)
-Trader Joe's frozen pineapples, mangoes and a berry medley (I left out the orange by accident).

I more or less followed the recipe, but did triple it since it was for a party and just used the entire bags of fruit instead of measuring them out. I did have a ton of fruit leftover and really didn't need to use all of them though, note to self.

The pineapples were freaking delicious, I would have never have guessed they were ever frozen and not fresh. The mangoes were also good and soaked up a lot of juice. The berries were sweet and not tart like I had expected them to be since they were frozen, but you can tell that they were not fresh berries. This was my first time buying/using frozen fruit and I liked it and would definitely use frozen fruit again for beverages (alcoholic or not).

This is seriously the best white sangria I have ever tried, I will definitely be making it again...and again....and again. What are your favorite drink recipes for parties (alcohol or otherwise)?
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