Monday, August 8, 2011

Baby Shower for C

Last week the family threw a baby shower for my cousin M who is expecting her 2nd child, and a girl! I'm so excited for their family and can't wait for baby C to get here! The shower had a princess theme and was one of the cutest and most fun showers I've ever been to. Plus, M got some great items for the baby, just a few more weeks before we meet her!

The decorations:

Baby C's crib and bedding (she'll be sharing a room with her brother, hence the train decals)

Activities for the kids who attending

Our family gifts for baby C
(the "lollipops" are made of washclothes and the "cupcakes" are receiving blankets and onesies)

(the C for her room)

The Party

I won a Better Homes and Gardens Anyone Can Cook Cookbook (which the Lord knows I need) because I won the purse scavenger hunt. It was hilarious because I was one of the few people there without children, yet I had all but 3 things on the list in my purse. Lol.

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