Thursday, August 25, 2011

Thursday Poll

Hello everyone! In the past few months, I've used Thursdays to post about wedding ideas, both for my own wedding and for weddings in general. Now that my wedding is over I'm kind of wedding-ed out. I'm only interested in weddings of people I know now, whether my face-to-face friends or my internet and blog friends. Otherwise, I've kind of skipped the weddings posts on wedding blogs. From what I understand, most brides often feel this way and I'm hoping it subsides because I really love weddings, they're so beautiful and so much fun!

Until that happens, I'm looking for something new for my Thursday's theme and wanted to know if you ladies (and gents if you're out there) had any suggestions or preferences. Would you like to see more wedding stuff? Party ideas? Hair ideas? Fashion ideas? See what my fave weekly Pins are (from pinterest, if you don't know you need to hop on!)? Leave it open to my every whim?
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