Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Product Review: In the Mood Polish

Blissful, Curious, Devious
Hyper, Mellow, Flirty
 Naughty, Guilty, Ditsy

I first heard about In the Mood polish in InStyle and Glamour magazines and had to get my hands on some! We all know about my nail polish obsession... There's 9 colors available (and a 10th clear top coat) and change colors with temperature, whether it's you chilly office or your morning coffee and continue to change the entire time you wear the color.

To be 100% honest, I was doubtful on how great these would work. I've used some mood polish back in the day (like the 90s) and it was less than stellar.

Imagine my surprise when the polishes change color and are freaking awesome! I am so easily amazed by them and anytime they're changing, I have to show them to someone. The H is not so easily amused by this. Maybe the first or second time I showed him, but by the 67th time he was over it. When the polish changes, it looks similar to ombre which is a huge trend right now so I also feel super cool about it.

Here's Flirty in the process of changing colors,  you can see the ombre effect the polish can have

Here is Devious when it's warm (the light pink) and when it's cold (the dark purple).
You can really see the extreme color difference in these pics. 

You need 2-3 coats to get an opaque color. When you're painting your nails, the color starts to change from the warmth of your nails, but one coat is very thin and sheer. The polish dries really quickly and dry matte so a glossy top coat is a must (maybe even 2 coats of clear).  The brush is very blunt and I wish it had a more round tip that was softer, it would make it much easy to paint your nails. They last a few days before chipping and the color changes really quickly, it's awesome to watch when you wash your hands.The colors change gradually, Devious changes from soft pink and gets darker and darker to the purple color, with a pretty lavender in the middle.

You can find the polish at In the Mood for $8 per bottle.

Have you tried color changing polish before? What about In the Mood polish?

The polish was provided by In the Mood, no monetary compensation was given and the review completely is my own opinion and experience.
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