Monday, August 15, 2011

Grand Big Sis' Bridal Shower

Whoop whoop! Another shower down and the wedding is coming so fast! My Grand Big Sis celebrated her shower a few weeks ago (same day as the baby shower, that's why I'm wearing the exact.same.outfit) and it was a hit! Great people, great venue (her father's home), and great food, what more can you ask for?

The beautiful bride to be and me

The guests were asked to bring something naughty and a recipe- great combo if you ask me!

Chi Omegas for life

The Newlywed game, they couldn't be any more perfect for each other! Such a great idea too!

My gifts for the bride was a Green Bay Packer garter (her fiance is a die hard fan) and a personalized cherry hanger for photo opps with her wedding dress.

I'm so happy for the couple! I'll be off to her bachelorette party this weekend and it's going to be insane. INSANE. Pics will come shortly. Then her wedding is next month.
"everything's changing" ha ha ha
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