Wednesday, May 25, 2011

My Favorite MAC Products

I've received a couple of emails and comments about what my favorite MAC make-up products are and thought it would be best to put together a post of the products I use most from them. If you remember my make-up load (see it here, it's quite embarassing) I use a lot of MAC products, but I wanted to focus on just my favorites.
These are my everyday items, the ones I use most often. As you can see, I wear a lot of golds/bronzes/nudes. I also have a ton of fun colors from them as well, but wanted to stick with the basics. All of the pictures are from the MAC site, but I don't think that they're true to shade so please check them out in person!

MAC Shadows
- Romp
- Soba
(you can see my review for Soba, Woodwinked and All That Glitters together here)
I use all of these shades all.of.the.time. They all work great together and most work alone as well. Typographic is my favorite black shade, because it's not pitch black. It's not that dark and blends really well into brown, you usually can't even tell that a black has been blended in. It's perfect for a smoky eye and as a black bottom liner. It's not too heavy to use as a full smoky eye.

MAC Studio Fix Powder in C4 
I've tried their mineral powder and pressed powder, but neither of them compare in coverage or how long they last to Studio Fix. This powder seems to last me a few months and I use a fluffy powder brush for application instead of the sponge applicator provided.

MAC Lipstick/Glosses
- Lipstick in Hue
- Tinted Lipglass in C-Thru
- Lustre Glass in Instant Gold
- Dazzleglass in Sugarrimmed
-Pro Longwear Lipcolour in Durashell (see my review here)
-Sheen Supreme Lipstick in Can't Get Enough
I've used the first four products for years and they're my go-to lip stuff. The last two are my most recent purchases and have quickly been added to my everyday use.

MAC Blush
- Pink Swoon (see my reviewhere)
In my humble opinion, Pink Swoon is the perfect pink shade for a rosy cheeks and Sunbasque is the perfect peach for a warm glow. I've bought a couple of shades and different brands, but I always go back to these two. They're perfect for my skin tone and are easy to build on.

Irridescent Powder
(see my review here)
These definitely aren't for everyday, but they're my favorite highlighter with a TON of shimmer. Best for late nights. I love layering the bronze on top of my cheeks and the silver as a cheek highlighter and in a C shape by my eyes.

So there you have it ladies. This is my most used products from MAC. Whew. I think I've realized I DO NOT NEED any more make-up, especially if it's a nude, bronze, or gold shade. I will have to have might will power to keep from buying more. Seriously, if it's shimmery and nude I feel like my life will end without it. That I need it. Goodness gracious, that is not the case.

What are your favorite MAC products? Do you use any of these? Have you tried them?

**I'm on my honeymoon and will try and get back to all your responses when I return. Love and miss you guys!**
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